Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Dipawali - The Festival of Lights

Dear Friend,

Another attempt to celebrate happiness in life,
another excuse to party,
has been brought upon by
The festival of Lights

Wishing you all the best, may this Deepawali and new year bring all the joy, happiness, prosperity and wealth into your life...

with loads of love and happiness on our parts as well,
Krishna, Pooja and  Raghav..

Live as if you were to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were to live forever

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Viral fever hits the house...and a scare...

Well, what can a parent say... keep well my child.. thats all I guess...

My wife is the mad lady you might imagine that wants to shut all doors to the windows, no insescts should get in the apartment, even if we have to live a different closed box kind of life. And I used to curse her for her ways, but the last week's experience has changed me altogether.

Last week, when I took on cold/cough, I had no clue that the whole family will get into that.. especially the little one... And most unfortunately, he's the one who got affected the most.

My cough has come down a lot, and its great to be able to talk without coughing.. But, the mom in the house and the kid have taken it harder. I didnt get fever but they did.

The mom came out of it in three days, but the kid didnt. Somehow his fever managed to return after 3 days. On Saturday, we consulted a local doctor in our home town, she prescribed some medicine and a blood test. It was a terrible sight, watching blood taken out for the test. He was screaming like anything.. :( my poor one...

The test was intended to figure out if he has malaria. The result was out in 3 hours, which said that he has malaria and a dangerous one at that. Out of the types of malaria, this parasite, known as falciparum. Basically, it scared the hell out of me. The doc mentioned few bad things about this parasite, and advised injections and what not for him.

Driving back to home, I was thinking thousand things. Out of them was, should I trust this report ? At the risk of spending one night without medication, and some more blood extraction from his tiny body, we decided to go for another test, at a different lab, in a relatively larger town close to us, and consult a different doctor.

The idea was welcomed by everybody at home, and we travelled to Agra in the morning. This time around the blood extraction turned out to be even harder, he cried more.. :( But, the result that came out was, he has no such thing as malaria, let alone the dangerous type. At that very moment, I felt like going back to the earlier lab guys and kick their ****.

The doctor, who already had his doubts about diagnosis as malaria, laughed out load and told me to relax. He said, "the baby got the fever back probably because both parents still have fever and cough going on". That was most comforting. We bought some face masks and returned home...

Now, we have decided to split up, so that he gets lesser exposure to whatever we parents are carrying. I'm in diff town, he's somewhere else with his mom, and with some aunts, who are healthy-fine at the moment, so nothing is going to catch him again.. :(

Now, I wonder, what if it was malaria, I wont have been able to pardon myself for the lax behaviour wrt insects and apartment cleansing etc...

Great feeling that he's fine now...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Swine Flu scare

Ever since the Swine Flu broke out in Indian towns, we are more scared for him than for ourselves. Though I have more possibilities of meeting someone who's travelled from overseas, out of fear, we've stopped taking him out in public places.

The other day, we went to buy some vegetables. and out of fear thing, I stayed back in car with him, and his mom went out to buy stuff. When she came back to car, she washed her hands and only after that she took him up.....

Though at times, it feels that we are overdoing it, I think its worth it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Proofing the house

He's moving like a newly free man.. :) He'll follow any and all sounds to their origin, chase his mom or me moving around the house anywhere.

Or if we are not around or playing with him, he'd pick his own target and reach there. Given his height, the electrical sockets are a favourite destination, I think more so, because they provide a place for putting his in there.

The moment I realized that, I had to put duct tape on all the outlets within his height reach. Literally everything. Initially, we were also wondering if he would go another step and try to remove the tape. Till now, he has not improvised to that level, but once that happens, we'd have to seek another method to keep him safe and away from them....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Teeth Showing up...

Did I already mention that ??

Our young Krish has played both a Jerry (the mouse) and a Cheekoo (a bunny) by having two teeth showing up on both lower and upper teeth lines.

First he got his two lower central teeth. For about three months, he had them growing. We were enthralled by this. People used to comment that its very good for a baby to grow teeth at such early stage, it poses relatively lesser problems.

Well, starting 4th month (March-April) he's had the lower two. Now, starting July he started growing the upper central two.

Now that he's got parts of both the teeth visible, his wishes to chew and cut at any and everything in sight is starting to create problems of its own. The other day, while in lap, he cut his mom on the shoulder so hard that she screamed. :D

I've got my share of cuts, on shoulder and fingers and arms and where not...

More than this, his wish to chew everything is a problem. He tends to put everything in his mouth, whether its his plastic toys or my pen or wrist watch, or for that matter out mobile phones.. he needs everything in his mouth..

We're having hard time keeping an eye on him and watching everything that goes in his mouth..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rota Virus Vaccine - 2

As I dreaded, the second vaccine of the Rota Virus came at the same price, another thousand rupees (1000).

So, the Rota Virus vaccine stands at Two Thousand Rupees, I guess a very high number for vaccine serving one virus. Not that I think its not worth it, I just think that it should be made available to the general public at a cheaper price tag.

Cheaper vaccines could be a very strong push for public to go for more vaccination coverage.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starts crawling...

I was not home that day, but I wished I was.

He was on our double bed and was sleeping (I think). He woke up and suddenly she (his mom) saw him attempting crawls. At 6-7 months of age, the crawls should be expected behavior.

Whether expected or not, it was a pleasant surprise none the less... It was GREAT.. :)

After that day, we are thinking of getting him a walker.

Update: 10 August 2009
Got him a walker looking like this

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rota Virus Vaccine...

We had seen enough infomercials on TV about how useful and life saving Rota Virus Vaccine can be... Doctors say that its best to be administered within the age of 3 to 6 months.

With our little one running 6th month, we decided to go for it.

Surprisingly, its very very expensive. Imagine a single vaccine dose for One Thousand Rupees (1000). And there are two doses, the second one to be administered after two months of the first one. I just hope that the price tag on the second one doesnt come with an extra zero... :)

At this price the vaccine is going to be un-affordable to quite a lot of Indian families. I guess the government should take up some steps to bring the price down.

Monday, April 6, 2009

wanna walk....

Well, he is growing up like anything and why not...

I have not seen any baby's childhood like I am seeing mine's. You bet it can get better than wonderful. Though there are times when you feel you were in a different situation (e.g. when he doesnt want to sleep at 2 in the night)...

He has already learnt to laugh at will and at prompting.. I can count things on my fingertips which would make him laugh... literally Laugh Out Loud..

And, he's only 4.5 months, but feels like he wants to run. Every time, you try to make him stand, and he would squeak as if he's been given something great... He would try to move his feet, already an attempt to walk...

The sweetness of his actions, various of which are unknown to me (happens with him and his mom), can not be described through words. Like these photos from today, there were taken when he was attempting to walk on my tummy... He was extra happy... photos show it all... better than words...

Its just great... :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Me n Mom...

There he is...

A bit old (Feb 2nd week..

And he spoke.....

Today could easily be termed as one of the best days of my life...

The baby spoke for the first time.. and that too.. said "papa"... though I was not there to hear it first hand, it has been digitized (recorded in video) and I would hope to see/hear it when I get the first chance...

The very idea that he is already starting to speak up.. I can at least call it uttering... feels pretty great...

Imagine, a few months, this guy was inside a water bubble, a tiny thing barely a few centimeters.. and now he is already waving, smiling, crying, recognizing faces, doing all those pretty and naughty things that change a parent's life forever...

Fabulous feeling.. not enough words with me to describe it... :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another month and another vaccine...

Its been another fascinating month... As the book, "What to expect in the first year" says, third month onwards, its the golden time of the babies infancy, I would have to concur, it cant be more correct...

The baby is squealing, smiling, laughing, attempting to curl on his own, would make faces and return ur expressions. And crying too.. out loud.. at times for quite some long time without any apparent reason.

Its all so fascinating. I see him only for three nights/two days a week but then the time is almost good enough to give me memories worth much longer in time and happiness. Its very easy for me to remember his face and expressions now. Its a lovely feeling...

He had another round of his vaccinations this weekend, and I have to say this has been the easiest ones. The pain he has been through in the earlier vaccinations, the trouble he has taken, and the rest of the family shared with him... One time he was turning all colors & crying almost all the night and we had to figure out lots of ways to find soothers for him.

But this around, he had some fever, but it was nearly painless, or may be just that we have had experience of this situation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feeling exhausted by happiness, laughter and work... :)

From 3rd of Feb, the festivities started and lasted till 7th night.
It was a great week.

The whole week was full of something or other. One fine day we had event A, on other we had B and so on... Every day of the week was full of some or other event giving a renewed reason to celebrate the day.

The festivities started on 3th with "Charua-Satiya" placing function. Here in, sisters of the father put on holy symbols (SWASTICAS) at the doors of the room where the newborn and the new mother spend most of their time, (basically their room). The idea is to initiate another round of omnious prayers.

These symbols are created using cow-dung, and are covered with a piece of cloth till the day of "Kuaan Poojan". The original idea of Kuaan Poojan was to purify the new mother and remove restrictions of movement in and about house. (Generally, in Indian households, the new mother is/was not supposed to move around and execute daily chores for quite some time after delivery. It was considered that she was not pure enough after deliver, I believe it was another excuse created by the learned people to make public follow their guideline, since its very helping to the new mother if she is resting a lot after delivery. Public in India is more prone to following an advice if its linked to religion somehow)

Then there was the Ekadashi Udyaapan program on 6th and 7th Feb. Basically, this is a closure of a ritual (of fasting) followed by someone for a lifetime. Here, the person is supposedly mentioning to the gods that the body doesnt allow anymore exertion of that level and the fast (of Ekadashi) is going to be discontinued.

A celebration is due since its a big thing anyway, also because its nice to have people around you and celebrate on every little occasion. For us it was even bigger because, it was posthumously done for my mom, and it was clubbed together with the Kuaan Poojan of our newborn. My mom originally wanted to perform the Udyaapan in June last year only, but when she got to know about the pregnancy, she postponed the udyaapan to be held together with the ceremonies for the baby. But, gods had planned it differently... :(

Knowing her (mom) as much as I knew her, she would have been the happiest person around on this birth. She was the single most excited person about the pregnancy and waiting for it to happen forever...

So, on the Udyaapan thing, there is quite a lot of religious acts performed. Donations being given to the Braahmins, a special meal-feast organized for Brahmins and loads and loads of relatives invited for the same.

It was very hectic for me personally, due to the fact that as a son, I had to be part of some of the ceremonies for my father. On the other hand, I was supposedly managing the whole procession singlehandedly. It was really really huge. For the first time, I was managing something of that scale. But it all paid off with the fun-laughter-satisfaction of having it done for my parents and son... the feeling is priceless...

Here are some snaps...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Invite for the weekend of 6&7th Feb

We request the honour of your presence on the auspicious occasion of

  Ekadashi Udyaapan
ceremony of our parents

Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sharma
Late Mrs. Shakuntala Sharma

I would also like to take this opportunity to
extend the invitation on their behalf for the

Kuaan Poojan

ceremony of their grandson

(Son of Raghvendra and Pooja)

12/A, Sector B,
Govind Nagar, Mathura

as per the following programme : 

Ekadashi Falaahar    6-Feb-2009    12:00 pm
Kuaan Poojan          7-Feb-2009     4:00 pm
Dinner                   7-Feb-2009     7:00 pm
Devi Jaagran           7-Feb-2009    11:00 pm
Sharing happiness with you
Raghvendra and Pooja

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another one from 20th Dec...

20th dec

After a long time...

Here he is on 19th dec...
and yes, its a long time, if I dont post photos for a newborn baby for a month or so...
Apologies for posting late and with a delay, but he and job are keeping me quite busy... :)

Will try to post more and frequently...